Here's how to make a small living room look bigger with modern living room ideas

It also doesn't have to be boring. For example, if your living space is limited, there are several clever design tricks you can employ to make the most of your limited space.

Yes, even small living rooms can be charming and inviting. From thoughtful furniture placement to ingenious storage solutions, your space will appear larger than it is. 

This article will look at modern living room ideas to make a small living room appear larger and more stylish.


Modern Living Room Ideas: Tips on How to Make Small Living Rooms Look Bigger

Here’s some way to attain the impossible: 

1. “Mirror mirror on the wall…”

It may be the oldest trick in the book for making small living rooms appear more prominent, but strategically placed mirrors can make any space appear larger than it is.

Because mirrors can reflect light, it can double your interior space; they can give the illusion of extra square footage—the greater the size of the mirror, the better. 

You can also prop up a large, leaning mirror in a corner to give the illusion of more floor space, especially if you choose one with a very minimalist frame.

2. Choose simple colour schemes

When designing a small space, the most important thing to remember is to keep all tones on the same colour palette, which will help the space flow. 

Instead of using different colours and patterns that divide the room and make it feel smaller, consider the space as 'one cohesive space' when choosing a colour palette.

The space will appear larger and more cohesive by sticking to the same colour scheme, making it feel less disjointed. Use a matte finish to help hide wall imperfections in a smaller space, making the dark colour appear more expansive visually. 

3. Choose beautiful textures

You'll want to pare back clutter to make a small living room appear larger, but you don't want to create a sterile scheme with minimalism and all-pale shades. Instead, go for sumptuous textures that don't take too much visual space.

Sheepskin rugs, grained wood pieces, limed floorboards, velvet cushions, and oh-so-soft tan leather armchairs will instantly warm up a scheme used in an otherwise minimalist apartment living room idea.

4. Get furniture off the walls

It's tempting to push all of your large pieces of furniture up against the walls to create more floor space in the centre of the room (in any size room). 

But, as you know, all that space in the middle of your room isn't helping you. So instead, rearrange your furniture by bringing a few pieces away from the walls, even if only a few inches.

Seeing the space between the back of your sofa and the wall instantly gives the impression that the room is more open. Furthermore, furniture should be placed close together to create intimate conversation zones. 

Cosy up to your living room by bringing the furniture closer together if you can't pass the popcorn bowl from the sofa to the chair or reach the coffee table to put your drink down.

5. Let the sunshine in

To make your room brighter, emphasise the natural light sources. A brightly lit room appears more prominent and helps eliminate shadows, making a cramped space appear smaller. Placing a mirror where it will reflect light from a window is the simplest way to increase natural light in a room.

Not only will this reflect light, but it will also give the impression of more depth in the space. Place your most-used pieces of furniture, such as the sofa or your favourite cosy chair, with a view of the outdoors whenever possible. 

If there isn't much natural light, consider installing track lighting. Its bright light and flexible track heads can replace direct sunlight without taking up a valuable table or floor space.

6. Use light and airy drapes

Dark heavy drapes will block the light and create a moodier feel in your living room, which is fine for an autumnal feel but not conducive to a light and bright scheme.

You can still use pattern and colour, just in a more subtle way. These drapes are perfect for the living room, and the design is echoed in the sizable chequered rug, which is another thing to consider because it helps draw the eye to another light source in the room.

7. Keep wall decors higher up

Wall decors are a great hack if you want to give your living room the illusion of height and width. For example, see how the artwork in this living room is hung above eye level, drawing your gaze upwards and making the space between the floor and ceiling appear much larger.

Keep shelves and wall lights in the upper half of the wall and any other wall-mounted decor or storage. Then just try not to clog up too much of the space underneath.

8. Expand floor space with a rug

With rugs, you can never go too big. Make sure your rug is the right size for your space, as going too small will make it feel claustrophobic. On the other hand, it can feel cluttered if there are too many small pieces.

To make the room appear larger, your rug should run underneath all of the largest pieces of furniture, and if that isn't possible, at least the front two legs should be on the rug. Also, leave about 10" around the edges to see some of the floors underneath.

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